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The AAPPO, or the Anti- Anti- Pianist People Organization, was an organization founded by Sir Spoop, the self-knighted author of The Ancient Book of Wisdom. The AAPPO is a society created to balance out the APPO, the Anti-Pianist People Organization, infamous for trapping pianists in their pianos, dropping them in deserted islands and forcing them to change their instruments. The AAPO currently has four members, and "only two of those members are unaware of their memberships and/or were forcibly compelled to sign the membership sheet", according to Sir Spoop. Being a member involves purchasing the Membership Packet, which costs fifty dollars and includes a manual on how to stick the maximum amount of food into one's fignernails for emergency snacking should one be adbucted by and APPO member and placed on a desert island where there might be a lack of food.