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Andrew Golota

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'You! Lie down, show me Your balls!'

Andrew Golota - polish boxer famous for his long fights - most ended under 60 seconds. Known for his fighting style: The balls! Hit the balls!. Always eager to fight, including in pubs. He have in carrier three good fight with: Lenox Lewis - Golota was knockdown in 95 sec. Don't get up. Mike Tyson - Golota slip away between 3 and 4 round. Lamon Brewster - it was the best fight of Golota. Golota was lie on the ring three times in 53 seconds. It's world record.

From surname of Andrew Golota called new time unit: 1 big golota = 95 seconds; 1 small golota = 53 seconds.

Famous quotesEdit

  • 'They paid me to do it!'
  • 'Balls? What balls? Mine?'
  • 'I ain't gonna fight that long!'