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Arthur - The Killin' Boy

Arthur: The Killin' Boy was a basketball series that ran from 1980 to 1983, After the 1983 series, They cancelled it. On PBS.

Arthur "Killer" ReadEdit

Arthur was born in the wild killed palm trees in Africa around 1956, On the 50th episode, he was patened to say "I gotta kill!, I gotta kill!" he did not friger to say "I gotta go!, I gotta go!" Arthur died in 1999 after overdosing on squash peeps, he was not careful and was sent to hell.

Buster "Kilking" BaksterEdit

Kilking was born the same year as Killer, On the 1st episode, he was kicked to say "I shoot ash!, I shoot ash!" he did not be kicked to say "I love you!, I love you!" Later in a few moments on the last basketball game, he passed away after Killer throwed the basketball in his face, he acually he was blind and could not see.