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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Chicken of the Sea.

The Chicken of the Sea ( Catswantus pelamis ) is the only naturally occurring bird extant in our two oceans.

The Chicken of the Sea flies rather than swims in the depths, going down as far as where the cast-off shopping trollies live. It eats other Chicken of Sea and nothing else.

Fisherman hunt the bird for sport and birds as big as a small family car have been reported. The bird has a distinct "buck-cock" call, making it easy to spot.

The bird is not generally caught for food as it has a repellent 11 herbs and spices taste, though the Japanese actually like it.

Chicken of the sea are not considered viable for huffing, largely due to their fowl taste.

The eggs of the bird float and are considered a vacationers' pest as they sting on contact. Fortunately, their bright blue colour allows people to keep their distance from them. However, occasionally, the bird can spawn very heavily; the Polzeath Surfathon of 1984 was cancelled after the sea foamed up with the birds' eggs.

Why this bird is so called is a mystery as it resembles a swamp donkey more than anything else. The notion that the animal was given an attractive name to try and sell its meat to the Japanese has been considered a possible explanation.

It has been rumored recently, due to new evidence, that it is in fact homosexual. Apparently, it was seen making out with a rooster in San Francisco, California.