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Contents are made up of whatever makes something up, they can be important, like a winning lottery ticket (hidden inexplicably in a dresser drawer) or unimportant, like a collection of depressing poems (scattered liberally around a dresser drawer).

Contents of a Road TripEdit

When packing for a road trip there are several things you MUST, MUST bring, and the vast majority you don't or would just plain be better without. Your checklist...

  1. The essentials
  2. The things we pretend are essential
  3. The things snuck in because they knew they weren't essential
  4. The things mom brought because of your incessant whining
  5. 7 bags of the same brand of Barbecue-flavored potato chips
  6. The things lost in the Family Truckster after your last messy trip where you brought all of the above.
  7. That guy who you heard about over the radio hiding in the back seat waiting for his first opportunity to slash the tires, kidnap the kids, booby trap the hotel room, and lose the camera.

Book ContentsEdit

Books often contain contents, many book title contents are made up of numbers so that instead of dull, easy to forget page numbers you can instead worry about dull, easy to forget chapter numbers. Most chapters are named according to a major spoiler contained inside. To find your chapter, just look for the spoiler in the table of contents (and don't look at the other ones).


The manEdit

The Midnight HourEdit

Dead WaterEdit

Lovely CrumpetsEdit

Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock...Edit

How to Eat a SkullEdit


Contents of a Crime Scene's EvidenceEdit

A) The dead body
B) The obvious weapon
C) Unimportant crumbs from some stupid dude who didn't know it was a crime scene
D) Bodily fluids
E) Contents of a dead man's pocket
E1) Wallet, still with 400,000 in cash
E2) Half-eaten doughnut taken from the man's pocket by the stupid dude mentioned in exhibit C