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“In Soviet Russia, me know how to love YOU!!”

~ Russian Reversal on Disco
Noted Disco superstar Wedge Antiles. Look at that clothes. Yeah. 2090s were SCREWED UP.


This bleak period in Earth's history was the only time humankind ( e.g. menfolk/womanfolk/John Travolta ), were enslaved by hostile extraterrestrials. It all began when aliens with falsetto voices, garish polyester garb and bad hair appeared and took control. Soon great masses were writhing hideously and all sense of good taste was lost. But these dark times did not last forever. Saviors from planets Punk and New Wave would soon suck even more.

Disco in no way led to house music later on down the line and was most certainly discovered, listened to and founded by white heterosexuals. There are two predominant pieces of misinformation on this front.

First is the discordians who along with many other things, wish to associate Disco with blacks and homosexuals in order to discredit the contributions that disco made as something big that this time actually wasn't done by the white male. The motivation for their disinformation campaign is unknown.

Tom Cruise is a noted public discordian.

And there is the other side, the discoteers who wish to attribute the butterfly effect to Disco and say that it is the source of all things wonderful. They use mathemagical statistics to assert the 4x4 beat of house which underlies every popular form of music today is somehow derived from the 2x4 beat of disco.

Aren't you glad that you now know the real truth?

Disco and Satan and TamiaEdit

It has long been thought that heavy metal is the closest musical counterpart to Satan, but in fact, Beelzebub is more closely related to disco. If you play an original vinyl LP of the Bee Gee's Saturday Night Fever backwards, you can hear a high pitched voice saying, "the evil lord rules us all, a terrible reign of evil upon the funky dancefloor." But even that is nothing compared to the music of Tamia Hill.

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