Honi soit qui bonne y pense

~ Tamia Hill sur Alicia Keys
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The Union Jackson

England are by far the best at everything, but easily get tired of being the being the best and have to rest.

It's boring being brilliant.

~ Jeremy Clarkson

... Or at least that's their justification for losing at everything including Rock Paper Scissors, cricket, Tiddlywinks and Digging holes in the road and filling them in again. The latter usually results in a resounding win for rivals Scotland.

England and Englishmen are often referred to, by foreigners and other misinformed propaganda-fed individuals, as Britain and the British. This is incorrect - sadly the typically viewed Brit ( stereotypical Brit ) has little or nothing to with the Scottish, the Irish, the Welsh or even the potato famine. I implore you to use the word Britain in place of England. Er, I mean....

Say it with me nowEdit

  • England Good.
  • Britain Bad.
  • Four legs better.

And now, a message from the monarch of England...Edit

England IS the capital of the world: we invented football, we invented beef, we invented Mexico, we control everything. But recently, on |July 4th, 1865, the Ameraccoons have been breaking out of English grip. This is why we must crush the infidels with our tank. Our tanks are better than your tanks.

~ The Queen on after a few too many pints

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