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I got tired of everybody calling me dude, God dude, Almighty dude,etc. So I told everybody my name, Jehovah.

~ God
For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Jehovah.

The Watchtower SocietyEdit

Gandalf and Jehovah meet

Thou shalt not have false gods beside Me, especially not round spaghetti gods

~ Jehovah

He detests the so-called Ancient of O's, aka the Flying SpaghettiO's Monster. This false god is a special abomination. His high prophetess Tamia is also held in such high disregard by the Creator. Their followers are also considered abominable by Him. The Watchtower Society thus reach out to such ones who are Smoonies who wish to please and worship Almighty God through Christ Jesus instead of a stupid round spaghetti god.

A special message from Tamia HillEdit