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Men find this entertaining; indeed, we do!
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Their pleasuresEdit

Human males have the largest penis in proportion to body size than any other primate species. So what do men like? Women. Well, most of them like women but there are some who like other men, these men are known as "superior males" who think for themselves and don't have children to weigh them down and lower the sex from dayly to monthly. There are still other men who prefer the company of little boys, these men are known as "Pedos".

Regardless of who they like to be with, there are some things all men like. These include beer which is so popular with men that it's found anywhere in the world in which men can be found. Men are also into masterbation; most men do it everyday it is one of the basic pleasures of men. Men also obviously do not know how to spell MASTURBATION.

Occasionally men are caught sinning and are brought to places called "jails" and they engage in the activity of "not dropping the soap". If a man drops the soap, a big burly creature who is always named "Bubba", will come up from behind and pleasure himself with the soap-dropper's anus.

Good menEdit

The dapper man of today must always think to himself, what is the modern way of life? What are we to do with our brillcreme, yogurt tins, and the calculus? We may have studied well and in school earned very high marks. But what does it lead to, pray tell? What more is there to life than simply making money and getting good grades? What about the state of the nation, the sagging economy, the downtrodden looks on the faces of our clowns and entertainers?

The nice young men can take care of this. They stand for 'good values, wholesomeness, a can-do attitude, and they love their mothers so very much (and their wives!!)'. And with this great love comes the responsibility of supporting them. Some men settle with just loving their wives, but a most men live to cater to a woman's every whim. Indeed, these fine young men are the future of the nation, and if they learn properly the values that will stand them in good stead in the eyes of their fellows, and the lord our savior Jesus Christ as well, can really make a go of it in life. They won't be the sad and loser types. They are up an at 'em, go getter, wonderful, young men. Although in the past women were used as something amounting to slaves, they had no right and no will this therefore should be carried on in tradition but sadly women have manned up to take advantage of mans very few weaknesses and are taking over the world.