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The Truth


For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Truth.

Truth was actually the name of a mental patient at a prison in the middle ages. He became disabled while jousting, his opponent named "Fib" cheated by using a longer lance. He was knocked of his horse name "Honesty" and was sent to hospital named "Trust-Worthy". The nurses used everything from leaches to even using soap, yet nothing could bring him back to his original sanity. At first they thought he may of had the Black Plaque, but then was diagnosed with a new-found disease named "Truthfulness Disease".

This caused the man to become a giant snob and forced him to be as rude as he could to anyone and everyone he met. One day a lady asked him if the dress made her look fat, he replied “Yes, somehow this miraculous dress makes you look even fatter than you originally did!” That was the birth of truth telling, named by the King himself. He was once asked by the king if he slayed the dragon he was sent out to. He replied “No, and for you to actually believe in such stupid things you shouldn’t be the one ruling our kingdom.”

That is when Truth was imprisoned. But truth spread around quickly, and before you knew it the world was actually peaceful. But after about 15 years of truth, people realized that by telling the truth, there lies were getting to obvious, and eventually it led to World War ½. Along with most of the world, truth died during that war.