I want to help this place become something useful and interesting.


Mediawiki ideasEdit

Template and other namespace ideasEdit

Other thingsEdit

So, since this might be a parody of the other wiki whose initials are ED, we could try to go with that and make it fit with what's already there. One thought I had was making a page titled pain (or something similar that suggests possibly shocking content) that consists entirely of pictures of kittens, to reverse ED's page on kittens that consists of pictures of weird gross shock stuff - though that may not be what we want. Or we could try attacking things in a way that really isn't an attack because we make silly accusations. Poop comes from hell or something.

Having some sort of custom colour or style scheme might also be useful. I've done a draft of one for my userpage - not sure if it'll be used though.

What needs done firstEdit

First, we should probably get rid of everything relating to Alicia Keys, Phyllis Hyman, Tamia Hill, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and anything of that sort - from the main page, from mediawiki:Ipbreason-dropdown (which should definitely have some more 'demonic'-type reasons in it too, along with some other block stuff), from article space and from the help pages and templates - since none of it fits with what this wiki should really be about. It's not to do with demonic stuff or parodying ED; it's something else entirely. It's a distraction.

We should also get rid of pages that have been copied as-is from Uncyc, and probably pages that look as if they were destined for Uncyc but were originally written here, such as Poop. Poop is a definite attempt at something, but it comes off more as an Uncyc-style sort of thing than anything particular to here.

That won't leave much - but it will leave a little.

Some pages we should probably chuck (not all by any means, just some I've seen around)Edit

Pages with 'delete'-type templates I stuck on them

What may also need to be doneEdit

There seems to be a convention here of linking words to their first letter, times to Time and years to AD or BC, and of adding non-stubby articles to Category:NS. This was started by Alicia. That's not a bad thing in itself, but the conventions don't seem terribly useful and I think it might be good to deprecate them.

Vague ideas relating to welcome messages or somethingEdit

Current template is template:Greet, but I find it rather unhelpful and, of course, it has good old Alicia in it.

Hello, Llwy-ar-lawr, and welcome to Encyclopædia Dæmonica. <-- continue ad nauseam with usual boilerplate...thought of some ways to make it 'clever' (welcome to hell etc) but figured it would come off as intimidating

Useful links


Well, I say...nothing.

stuff we should probably keepEdit

Stuff that was apparently not created or imported by Alicia.

  1. Uncyclopedia is the worst
  2. Shit
  3. Humour
  4. Anti-Uncyclopedia
  5. Poop
  6. America
  7. New Mexico
  8. Serious
  10. Number (I replaced it with different content. Not that it doesn't suck, but it's different.)
  11. Encyclopædia Dæmonica
  12. Encyclopedia Dramatica

Currently working onEdit

Removing deprecated templates (Special:WhatLinksHere/template:Blank) using AWB. Thought I'd never be able to do it by hand; this makes it a lot faster, and my brain doesn't turn to mush.

I've been just deleting the file pages that come up because the vast majority seem to be already available on carlb's common file repository and the local pages are pretty much pure garbage. There are however a few that are local and that get deleted entirely when I delete the file page, and those can be found through Category:Pages with broken file links (the ones that matter, anyway; the ones that aren't used should probably be deleted anyway).

now on categories (Category:NS, Category:Fsssss, Category:Alicia Keezizms)

Nah did all that stuff.

I've tried to enable HotCat here, but it's buggy - takes a while to load the interface (we all know whose fault that is ;) ) and won't let you do anything with it.