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The most important part of the world - ever.

X: War of the WorldsEdit

In 69 BC, the X Army, which stood for EXTREME, decided to do some cool tricks on their washboards. 66 BC is when they hit their enemies, the O's, and battle ensued. They fought on the battlefield. They fought in all kinds of sports, from football to ultimate golf. They were evenly matched, until one day an X impregnated an O, and they had a child, named Q. Q died because of a birth defect, and God sent his Holy soldier John Madden to kill all of the letters. He killed them off, but then Sesame Street used their demonic powers to breathe life into them once again. God was pissed, and then communism was born. The X's became the commies, and the O's became black people.

Hello, my name is "Name x"Edit

Number One, if you ever want something to sound really hardcore you just take an object, and add the letter X to the end.

Dog X Cat X Jesusaur X Ray X

If you are artistic enough, and you use this daily, then you will probably end up winning the lottery. The lady pictured below once told her boss she was going to play a video game, when asked which game she replied "Megaman X," and thus she won a Krispy Kreme hat, and she won the lottery.

Mr. XEdit

Mister X is a person everybody seems to be looking for, but it is entirely not unsure if everybody is looking for the same person. However, in recent years, bored scientist have discovered that Mister X is probably a little man living somewhere around Asia.

X can be substitutedEdit

Don't feel like going to school? Too tired to do the laundry? Who needs to mow the grass? Don't know what added to five equals seven? Well, now it doesn't matter because you have X!

X can be substituted anywhere in the world for amazing results ( this offer void in Canada ). Try it one day. Summon an X.

for example:

5 + 2 = 7
5 + X = 7

Which one is true? Both are! conditions apply: results may vary for certain values of x, 2, 5 and 7.

Finding XEdit

Most people learn the Dark Art of Finding X at school. Some stupid teachers think that nobody can find X, but the solution is obvious.


X is the international symbol for the lowest quality porn imaginable. X-marked grumble is suitable for grandmas and people recovering from major surgery. Even Clark Gable saying "damn" at the end of "Gone With The Wind" is more arousing than X-marked pr0n.

American HistoryEdit

American History sucks almost as bad as Canadian History, so American History X was made so kids didn't flip out and kill themselves. Ironically however, curbstompings have now killed many people including John Leguzamo and goomba.

X as a letterEdit

X stems from the Latin letter for "ks" as in the Greek, "ksylophone". Are you happy now, you fucking X?

Fun FactsEdit

  • X is never Y.
  • Ten.
  • Eggs.
  • Operation X
  • א is the same as x. Don't believe all that crap Wikipedia shoves at you.