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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Zelda.
Shrek and Zelda
Zelda ww.jpg
Nintendo is known to pay tribute to Goatse, especially in their Legend of Zelda series.

I am Error.

~ Error on Himself.

The Legend of Zelda, released in Japan as a name that ends in no Densetsu, is a series of videogames that are considered Nintendo’s strongest non-Mario-related work. These games seamlessly mix together elements of action, adventure, puzzle solving, and pottery destruction. The main story follows Link, a boy/man who leaves his comfortable home at 12/17 to save Hyrule/Zelda/The World from Ganondorf/Vaati/The Imprisoned/Ghirahim/Onox/Veran/Agahnim by collecting/rescuing three/four/six/eight gems/maidens/pieces of Triforce/shards of Triforce/shards of Mirror/Instruments/map pieces/sacred flames/Fused Shadows/Sages/Fairies/Giants (circle all that apply).