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America, the nationEdit

"I believe our economy....oooo look at the kitty"

~ George W. Bush on America


~ George W. Bush on America

"America!!! F*** yeah!!!"

~ Team America on America

Above: The beloved flag of America
is always flown at the bottom of the flagpole,
as it is much too hard to raise it higher.

Uncyclopedia proudly salutes the true American spirit to produce the best top-quality goods at the highest possible standards.
Typical American Citizen - If you get close enough to an American, you will be able to hear its brain singing.

It's a country that names itself like a continent and thinks it's the whole world, and the children, and a supernova, and the syrup in your pancake. If you get close enough to an American, you will be able to hear its brain singing:

We are the world

We are the children

We are the syrup wisteling in your mothers pancake

We are the ones who’ll make a brighter day...

We are the idiots

From time to time Americans will find supercriminals to fight, that could come from the past, future, space, or another dimention. And in peace time, they could even look for them in other countries that posses the mortiferous Nonexistent Technology of War. The national anthem of American is "America, Fuck Yeah!".

Nominally, the motto of America is "War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength" though usually this will simply be shortened to "2+2=5", as this is much easier to remember.

- As most people know america is also the world's fattest nation and it also the only place in the known universe where frequent meals at McDonalds is prescribed by professional dieticians. Though they may be fat, do not try to punch them, as they will absorb your fist in their fat. Template:Hemisphere