The Lord thy Spaghetti has prepared additional Scriptures for all to read and take counsel in due time to offer His creation a truly wonderful experience full of peace and joy, and all that wonderful stuff

~ Phyllis Hyman
Satan just laughs at Bibles!


For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Bible.

The Holy Bible (also known as The Holy Bile), is a wholly ghost-written anthology of children's fairy tales, although it is also enjoyed by adults. It is one of the best selling fiction works of all time and encompasses various genres, including drama, mystery, musical, action, mythology, tragedy, poetry, thriller, adventure, fantasy, horror, historical fiction, pornography, and snuff.

The Bible is a collaboration of various authors, first being published by Stone Tablets Press around 6000 BC. The Bible is separated into two volumes: Volume One (The Old Testament) and Volume Two (Bible II: The New Testament). Volume One is centered on the mysterious figure, "The Father", whose actions are only described vicariously. Volume Two focuses on the progeny of The Father, dubbed "The Son".

Besides having an epic and dramatic storyline, The Bible includes various themes that some consider to be controversial, such as war, slavery, racism, murder, alcoholism, magic, genocide, rape, incest, masochism, bestiality, pedophilia, cannibalism, homophobia, and neoconservatism. Despite these controversies, The Bible is commonly and freely read to children. The Bible also employs various literary devices, such as symbolism, breaking the Fourth Wall, deus ex machina, McGuffins, Tom Swiftys, foreshadowing, magical realism, poetic justice, and anti-heroism. Interestingly, The Bible refrains from using some more familiar literary devices, such as parody, frame story, in media res, back story, romance, and love, which according to many literary experts could have improved the drama of the stories.