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Peoples is always mad at sombidy. Cyach 'em without 'eih cyoahfee an' ya beddah be runnin.

Deyah's diffrint kin's uh people theyuh.

Da Doctahs

   See 'em walkin aroun' lunchtime wit whi-yit coats and flat shoes. Dey come in payahs an' ah usyally found in Longwood. 


   Come evryday all at da same time an' leave at t'same time. Sum a dem take tha T, and sum a dem drive down 93 owah the Pike. Busy, busy awl th' time. they Get wicked mad when yowah in da way. 

Construction Wukahs

   Theyuh ev'rywayuh. Doin that Big Dig thing. 


   Cops s'got nu'in beddah tuh do than sit aroun an' glayah at people who awn't doin nothin. Theh's lots of traffik, so they just watch and eats donuts. 

The Red Sox

   Theyuh wicked awesum! 


   Dogs get elektrakyooted. Theyuh just walkin along, doin theyuh thin, when BAM! dead. 

Anna cowahse, der's....