For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about C.
C is short-hand for cookie! We all know that!

I C U!

~ Admins on this article

I got a "C" in everything. I'm a straight "blah" student!

~ Charlie Brown on C
For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about C.

C is the third letter of the Judeo-Christian alphabet. After B, and before C++, C#, Cb and C-.

C is also the big blue thing in which fish swim and crap.

C can additionally be used as short-hand for cookie.

Origin and HistoryEdit

The letter C comes to us from the word BCPL ( pronounced as cormorant; the B is silent ), which is Egyptian for "Damn Good." However, BCPL takes a while to spell, especially if you're an Egyptian and you have to cover the entire wall of a pyramid with murals just to write one sentence. So they shortened BCPL to just plain C, and this terminology has stayed with us ever since.


C can be used as a verb, as in C U L8R ( d00d ). It can also be used as an adjective, but only for things involving turtles: C shell, C side ( of a turtle ). It can also be used as an adverbial intensifier, as in C sure.

Additionally, because of its original Egyptian meaning, in school marks it is used to express the highest possible praise, with repeated C's magnifying the laudations. However, writing many C's takes a long time, so in the tradition of the Egyptians we express multiple C's by writing one followed by a short dash. This is the ne plus ultra of English-language praise.

  • C ( when followed by E ) is always a K sound ( ie. Celt ). Unless it makes the TCH sound in TCHaikovsky (ie. Cello).
  • C ( when follwed by H ) is always a SH sound ( ie. Champagne ). Unless it makes the K sound in tchaikovsKy ( ie. Chaos ).
  • In all other instance C makes an S sound ( ie. Caesar ) Unless it makes the slient C sound in tchaikovs( C )ky ( ie. Czar Rock ( cf. Zar Rok ( cf. Zee Rock ( cf. Zee Germans! ) ) ) )

A Bit of AdviceEdit

When in doubt, pick C. Trust the old wives. It always works


The god of Cism ( and, by logical extension, ++C ) is known as Neptune or Poseidon or simply as The C.

The song of worship is this.

C is for cucumber that is good enough for me.
C is for cabbage that is good enough for me.
C is for coffee that is good enough for me.
O cucumber, cabbage, coffee starts with C.

Those who have angered the god of the C in some manner often find themselves C-sick with a C-ring hot pain in their stomach aswell as the infamous C-zure.

The Ten ( Eleven ) CommandmentsEdit

Extra. Thou shalt not listen to Tamia music.

#. Thou shalt not dereference a null pointer, in any case whatsoever.
#. dmr cannot stress this enough: thou shalt not dereference a null pointer.
#. Thou shalt not dereference a null pointer.  We really do mean it.
#. We cannot tell thee enough how important it is that thee not dereference a null pointer.
#. Under no circumstance shalt thee dereference a null pointer.
#. Move not all null pointer, for great justice.
#. When we tell thee not to dereference a null pointer, thou shalt do it.  I mean not do it.  I mean ... I knoweth what I mean.
#. Steve Ballmer will fucking kill you if you so much as think about hiring someone who dereferences a null pointer.
#. There shall be no eleventh commandment.


The Unix operating system is well known for being written entirely using only the letter C.

All Operating Systems are written in C to take advantage of the "C"pu.

C is also regarded by scholarly figures to be the second sexiest letter in the alphabet, coming behind the letter "J".

C thinks that your face is stupid: int isStupid ( Face *f ) {return f->owner == you;}

C is also a very sad language as you can see most sentences:

  • printf ( "omfg sexy printerrs" );
  • end with an emoticon like this: );

This was originally discovered by some guy from McDonald's aka MIT.


C, like R is a marker for indicating that something can be distributed on the Interwebs with alacrity.


C is not a vitamin, unlike J, R, P or W.

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