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The letter D was made of chopped B. Some linguists claim that B is doubled D ( compare with W, which is doubled U ), but we can turn down this theory because we can not find the letter D in Greek Alphabet.

The ancient Greeks seem to have created some of their alphabets in this way. For example, ? was created from ?.

We can find similar ways in the Russian alphabet( Яussіаи Аlьнавет ). They created their scripts rotating and mirroring the Latin and the Greek alphabets, and mixing capitalization in a funny way, showing us again, the lack of originality of the Russian people. We can find Ш,Г,И and Я, obviously stemmed from E,L,N and R.

It is also a noted fact that actor Edward Woodward could not exist without the letter D, instead becoming Ewar Woowar.


D is the international symbol for dinner. It is not to be confused with lunch, you plebs! When in lower case, d stands for dessert. no, d is for diner, and diner's are so the symbol for d.

    • manufactorers warning* excessive use of D in this aspect may lead to diabetes ( old doctor speak for tastey urine yet further proof doctors are not to be trusted ) obesity ( which leads to the need for Viagra ) and just plain ole fashioned death