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K is considered to be a letter that has no purpose in the English language and is due to be phased out by 2010 under the Redundant Letters Act of 2004. It is widely regarded as one of the two most boring letters of the alphabet ( the other being "w" ), rating only two lines in the Concise Oxford English Dictionary, Fourth Edition.


K is the international symbol for good quality horse sleeping tablets. Don't accept them pills if they dont have the sign of K on them. Other than that you can get them off the counter in third world countries in liquid form. Heat on high heat in microwave and collect the powder after. Roll up the banknotes and be prepared to sneeze your head off the next morning.

K is for Kibo, who still owes me $100.

K is also for KKK, who are pretty damned kkkrookid bunch of people. K also stands for Kristina who has Klamydia and will die. Kallously, Kristina's Klamydia Kase Kannot Keep Kristina's Kevlar Kilt Klosed.

K is the standard notation for the Boltzmann constant, a physical constant which, when multiplied by the weight and length of a picture, is used to estimate its temperature on Hot Or Not.

In top-secret government agencies dealing with extra-terrestrial visitors to EarthEdit

K is considered to be the most deadly letter by the ultra-secret Men in Pink and Yellow Polka-Dots agency. According to undisclosed public record, K has been mispronounced by a total of 9,456,730 visiting aliens, often causing frustration with the complex English alphabet, insanity, sprees of galactic destruction, and repeated failure of the Test Of English as a Foreign Language.