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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about People.

People are things that, when called upon, call upon others to call upon others to build it for you. Apparently, the entirety of Illogicopedia is uninhabited by these apparently intelligent so-called people, but recent laws implemented by people who rule the people of the law who rule the people of Nationalist Propaganda will argue until their faces ( of people, that's people's faces, faces of people ) turn bright pirate.

Peoplephilia is a terrible disease which should be combatted immediately with a heavy dose of Barry Scott's patented "Cream".

People are the opposite of not people.

People are animals. have you ever seen them, with their big eyes and that bit of sandwich on their lips. i f***ing hae people. urgh, people! f*** them! f*** people!

Just in case you still wonder what people are, they are Soylent Green|soylent and green!]]

This picture is from People Weekly: R-Rated edition