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*[[Big Papa Bot]] - also known as [[Maui]], the father of all mechanic bots seen in Wikipedia. Acording to some ancient cultures in [[Polynesia]] and [[Aruba]], he was married to [[Rohe]], but she left him and became Queen of [[Uranga-o-Te-Ra]]. Since that day, Big Papa Bot started a life as a playboy, spreading his seeds around the entire world through random fornication- the [[Big Bang]].
*[[Innocent Blind Man]] A person who ended up blinded while channel surfing. See [[Innocent_Blind_Man|why]].
== The Cult of Wikipedia ==
An [[evil]] cult called Mys-Information has been discovered, trying to turn everyone into a [[Wikipedian]] who thinks everything on Wikipedia is true. Not much is known, but they [[sacrifice]] Uncyclopedians at a 500 a day rate.
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