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Mummy always told me never to talk to strangers!

~ George Dubya Bush on his foreign policy

America, or iMerica as it's known by its friends, is a huge country.

It is known to be the land of the free and oil, which it takes readily from the Middle East. ( What? Don't look at me that way, I said it takes "Free" from the Middle East! :P ) America one day discovered that its immense stockpile of sweeties was running dangerously low, so it decided friends would have to be made. In return for many sweeties America formed a "special relationship" with Britain, a country renowned for its industrial sweet mines. The Special Relationship is noted as being special, because it is a one way affair; as payment for the sweeties America politically face-rapes their faithful comrade. Fair I guess. But hey, they're not all bad, most of them are upstanding members of the Global Community Illogicopedia.

America is like, totally Square. "[ ]"Edit

The Tribe leader of France gives his opinion

America decided to become a regular shape --a kind of Americanadihedran-- after a while because of criticism to their scalene quadrilateral form had been made public after "An audience with Barry Scott" and after thwarting my attempts to win uber-employee of the lunar month for several seasons; America was declared uber.

America as a donutEdit

So what kind of donut would you be if you were a donut uncle Sam? "Well, let me see er... a double glazed, chocolate, pineapple delight with sprinkles and that pink goo you get on the side. Er... you know that pink goo? The one with the little chocolate bits and the raisins and the mini nuclear warheads? Now that is one tasty ice cream!"

Yes, but we were talking about donuts.

"Oh shit, I did it again."


Merryca, a spin off from America located somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, is a place where everyone sits in their car and laughs. All the time.

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